2017 Program

1. Behavioral Health Implications as it Relates to Childhood Obesity and Vitamin D Levels

2. Metabolic Properties of Sloth Muscles

3. The Changes in the Myoblast Proteome During Myogenesis

4. Using Phage Display Technology to Select Phage Peptides that Bind Specifically to S. Aureus Bacteria Capsular Type 5

5. Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Pediatric Population as it is Related to BMI

6. Transposon Mutagenesis of Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia Oak Ridge Strain 02

7. Reducing the Corrosion of a Potential Vehicular Structural Alloy

8. Development of continuously reinforced filament for manufacturing composite materials via open source 3D printing

9. Additive Manufactured Fractal Antenna

10. Chem-E-Car

11. Purification of Water by the Removal of Metal Cations Using Thiophene Containing UiO-66

12. Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Gellan Gum in Solid State

13. The Gas-Phase Reaction of Calcium Beta-Diketonate Complexes

14. The Challenges Presented in the Synthesis of New Fluorinated Organic Linkers

15. Maglev Train

16. Canfield Fairgrounds Project

17. Road To Knowledge

18. Environmental Design of Soft Drink Bottling Plant

19. Youngstown State Environmental Protection Agency Rainworks Challenge

20. Predicting the Impact of Climate Change on Future Ice Jams in Waterways of the Northwest Region

21. Concrete Canoe

22. Steel Bridge

23. Eye-Tracking: Determining Visual Recognition and Mapping Gaze Fixations

24. Creating an AI Opponent for the Board Game "Onitama"

25. Towards Mining Eye-Tracking Datasets for Expertise Prediction

26. Eye-tracking Demo

27. Signal Strength Evaluation for 3D Printed Sand Casting Molds

28. The Helping hand

29. The Roilgun

30. Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs

31. Interactice Chess Board

32. RADAR Detection System

33. Role Playing Game (RPG) Table

34. Computer Vision for Closed Loop Control of 3D Printing

35. Mesh Maze

36. Digital Licensing Platform for Retro Games

37. Laser Engraver

38. Light Racer

39. Digitally Controlled Tube Amp

40. Lead Contaminated Soil at Grand Valley Ranch

41. Aquatic Toxicity of Common Household Chemicals and Storm-Water

42. Systems Analysis and Design applied to Robotics

43. Electromagnet Crane

44. OHWOW! - Gear Puzzle

45. Ready, Set, Roll!

46. Oh! Wow Project - Car Ramp

47. The Strong Man

Maximizing Energy Capture in Low Wind Speed Environments

48. Interior Ballistics - Flow of Hot Combustion Gases Into a Small Side Chamber

49. Design and Cost Analysis of a Scissor Style Steel Coil Transfer Car

50. RCP- Thermal Cycle Test Stand

51. Conversion of a Flanger into a Joggler

52. Welding Process for Aluminum Battery Cables

53. Automatic Tong Mechanism Design Project

54. The Evaluation of Steam vs Electric Curing of Tires

55. Cold Inner-linear Application

56. Optimized Rim for Spring Tires

57. YSU SAE Baja

58. Novelis Storage Project

59. Micro-Turbine Jet Engine Experiment

60. Design of a Portable Resistance Spot Welding Machine

61. 3D Printed Sand Casting of Low Density Gyroid Structures

62. Simmers Wire Storage System

63. Non-destructive Testing of Ultrasonic Welds

64. Ajax Heat Treat Scanner

65. YSU Smoke Tunnel

66. Steelcon Material Transfer Cart

67. Brachistochrone Curve Racing

68. Newtons Cradle

69. 3D Printed Educational and Promotional STEM Puzzles

70. The Restoration and Internal Mapping of a Subcritical Assembly